The Other Hemisphere


July 2012


As we drove we saw the sky with many clouds

And the earth with many trees

The earth is reachable

And the sky is not

But still the sky is here

Telling us the unreachable is near

And above the trees which we may go near and touch

Another world is as real

And a much a part of life as it

The other half

The other hemisphere





I am that I am

And will be what I will be

God said to Moses


To the east darkness

As far away as the moon

The sun’s hidden face


In the east

A day that we knew

Is now night


White sails

Under a bridge –

Blue waves


As day ends

The black night

Sends stars


A winter

Dawn – the last stars are



Winter clouds –

The sphere of a



A bonfire

In winter – consuming

The night



Australia are

White oceans


Clouds remind

Us of places we

Cannot go


Dry and wet

Cycles – a river

Bed of sky


The sun crossed

By clouds – the

Moment we die


My eyes –

A window to

Two worlds


Little daisy

Copying your mother

The sun



Bee from flower to




Face – the face of a



Bird in the

Blue – it swims in the

High waters


Tell me the

Name of the sun – its

Burning me


Near to us

Four light years away –

Our neighbour


A garden –

Host to our outside

Under sky


Today or

Tomorrow – the end

Of the world


Light in the

Clouds wind in the trees –

Passing by


An ant lifts

The heaviest load –

The bee flies


Fifty years

Since my birth – a half

Million hours


A ticking

Clock – a day ticks on

The sky’s wall


On New Year’s

Day – a pebble thrown

Into water


Sleeping bear –

Where has your winter



Lion in

Your den – your children

Are hungry


Platypus –

Eyes cannot help you

In water



How large you are –




Contained in a tear

On your cheek


A ship in

The mist – the sun on

A grey day


The candles

Were lit on the cake –

Shining days


My brother

Searches for frogs – a

River hides


A mind can

Contain many worlds – each

A bubble


Do words last

Forever – carrying

Life with them


Hospitable –

Words to each



Singing bird –

How sweet the sky is

Above you


A bird flies

Across nothing to

Reach a branch



Take your clouds




Dark notes of a cello

In flight


Your new face

Looking at me in

The morning


Your new face

Sleeping upon your

Mother’s breast



Hour – the sun starts its

Slow descent


The milky

Way – the flight of white



The milky

Way – summer field of



The milky

Way – waves breaking

On the sand


Poetry –

Patterns on sand washed

By the waves


Birdsong as

Afternoon ends –

Echoing dawn



Of day – the light and

The darkness



Clouds – the gift of a

Winter day


My blue coat –

Warmer than the blue

Winter sky


Tadpole in

The pond – little tail

Full of life


After the

Rainstorm – tadpoles found

In a ditch


Silver light –

The moon come into



Heavy heart –

The day lost its way

As night fell


A womb of

Stars – forgotten



She makes her

Music as day is



Time to cook

Dinner – the first star

Is shining


How many

Songs – the stars are there



My children

Are older – soon children’s



Weaving words –

A net for catching

Fish in


Soon a lonely grave

On a hillside – a Sabbath

Of darkness then dawn


In the west

A day yet to be

Awaits us


Drops of sunshine

Fall on my face

And body


Hear that sound –

Nine moons and now a

Baby cries


Why does it

Affect us – beautiful




Sky never dies like

We do


Carried high

On a swell – ocean

Surrounds me


Crashing wave –

Night breaking over



City of lights seen

From the air – cities of light

Seen from below – stars


A ghostly

Ship seen from afar –

The moon



Flying into the sun –

Dancing flames


Stone into

Water death into



Arrow shot

To the sky landing

On earth – man


A ball of

String unwinding –

Life’s passing


The rain’s path –

It finds a way to

Us here


Our path

From here to the



Give me a

Gold coin – your dowry

Says night


Bonfire in

Late afternoon – my

Childhood home


Rain at rest –

A dewdrop on a



The sea in

The sky – a storm is



Lightning –

Stray arrows from a

Distant war


Lightning –

Shooting star too close

For comfort


Lightening –

The heat of battle

Driven home


A twig is

My boat in a race

After rain


The sky is

Still heavy – the river

Runs high


Kosciusko –

White mountain among



My son walks

Beside me – a mountain



Summer sun

Cooled by the mountain

We walk on


Night falls –

We walk on a path

That’s not seen


The snow falls –

Time passing by with

No footprint



Hide from us in the

Green treetops


Cicadas –

Heard everywhere but

Nowhere seen


A white mist

Has swallowed the world

In one gulp


Bellbirds sing

In the valley – stars

Shining near


A bush burns

The morning and night –

Moses hear


I am that I am

And will be what I will be

God says to Moses


To the east darkness

As far away as the moon

The sun’s hidden face


A lonely

Grave on a hillside

And then dawn


Star gowned

You enter the gates

Of morning


Light on floor –

Shadows adjusting

Their black hair


A dance of

Shadows – the garden

In our room


Sun and earth

In Pas de Deux – a

Shadow’s dance


Rain clouds come –

Bird’s sweetness mellowed

By darkness


Chirping calls –

Shadows leave as the

Rain clouds come


The sound of

Day moves through cycles –

Hear the rain


Falling leaves

In heavy rain – birds

Warned you


The road shines –

The sky has come down

To visit


The sun goes –

But brightness is here

On the road


They keep on

Singing accompanied

By the rain


Rain has left

To visit neighbours

In mountains


The blue sky

Has not gone – look it

Is looking


Dripping leaves

Patiently taking

The sky’s moods


In my house

In my tomb – nature

Still the same


Rain on leaf

In ground in the sky –

Always rain


Blue in sea

In sky in eyes –

The same blue


I wait for

You here in my house

After rain


The road has

Turned blue – rain helps

Sky stay near



Gums – how beautiful

Near the sky


White gum trunk –

One side caressed

By sunshine


Now darker

Rain falls – the grey sky

Come near us


Is the grass

Happy this rainy



Bread was there

On a table blessed –

And they saw


As light fades

Other light released

Shines within


Who needs day –

A warm house and friends

Await us


Why fear night –

Sun blessed trees for fire

And shelter


Last stillness –

As day waits for night

To enter


A ship comes

Waiting at the heads

To enter


O earth full

Of wonder and love

And longing


Warm home

Stars are outside – we

Soon will sleep


To be a

River on its way

To its home


Days measure

Time better than clocks –

But slower


The moon comes

And goes – we barely

Notice it


How many

Stars did you see last



A bell rings –

Someone is being



Dripping leaves

Patiently taking

The sky’s moods


Silence now –

Dreams wait for us on

Our pillow


Light suits a

Room when it is dark –

Until sleep


Five fingers

Wiggling on a hand –

Little fish


Today – soon

Replaced by another



Follow the

Seagulls – they follow

The children


The ferry

Is deep in the sea –

It’s aging


My parents

Sit by the window

Lit by sky


Two thousand

Years – yesterday – a

Burning cross


Tomorrow –

The new heavens and

The new earth


This day in

Paradise – a thief

Enters in


Blue harbour –

In many dreams since

I was young


Layers of

Dreams – folds of a bride’s

Flowing veil



Often sleeps – we dream

All alone


At the sea’s

Bottom are many

Strange creatures


Waves wash at

Night – no memory

By morning


We wake up –

The ship has moved

In the night


The dark side

Of the moon – our life

Spent in sleep


A house with

Curtains closed – what is

Their life like


The night has

The stars and the

Moon – our dreams


Cloudy night

With no stars – the best

Night of sleep


We sleep – the

Earth circles the sun –

Peaceful ship


What of tomorrow –

New lands to be



A grey tree

A grey sky behind –

A rainbow


Shadows on

The steps – morning is



First light on

A wall – when will I

Feel it


Shadows in

Wind – the air become




Shadows – fast as a

Bird flying


My breath –

A cloud in








Can see












Flies so




My life








Shall be




Is is







The day is

Awake – it has opened

Its eyes



Shall sleep till the sun




Breathes – shadows



The finest

Rain on my face – the

Size of sky



Leaf – have you no home

Any more


A million

Dots of rain on a

Meadow – gifts


A bird flies

Above me where no

One can walk


On the grass

Shadow sits beside



Bright mountain

Range seen through the rain –

Only clouds


Winter’s pale

Blue – the parting glance

Of a day


Today is




Day will be

Night before it is

Day again


Night –




Day –




Clouds –

Eyelids of

The sun


Sun –

Conscience of

The clouds


Stars –

Thoughts of



Sun –

The heart of

The day


The earth is

The body – the sky is

The spirit


The Bible

Contains words – the night

Contains stars


Night –

A day



Day –

A night come to

Its senses


Two hands that

Hold all of life – the

Day and night


Hands outstretched

In an infinity

Of galaxies


My face in

Clouds – my greying hair

And my beard


Drops of rain

Outside – the heartbeat

Of life


We circle

The sun and the sun

Circles us


Minute and

Second hands – the days

And the years


The moon comes

And goes and comes – is

It a wave


What of the

Life in the grass we

Don’t mention


I talk to

You you talk to me –

And between…


I talk to you and

You talk to me – between us

The space a bird flies


A river

As it falls from a



A river

The moment it leaves

River to fall


River as

It enters river



River the

Moment it enters

The river


The mist

That surrounds the fall

Of water


The mist

Rising from river

To river


The sound of

Water falling all



The sound of

Nature silenced by

Water falling


I close my

Eyes to see other

Things than these


I open

Them to see the world

As it is


Can one eye

Be closed and one eye

Be open


Water poured

Is still water when

It is poured


The jug is

Empty after water

Is poured


The jug when

It pours is being

A jug


The water

Pouring is being



Empty and full the

Jug is a jug – pouring and

Poured the water is


A leaf has

No time to say no

To the breeze


The breeze has

No time to say please

To the leaf


The path of

A bird as it flies

Through the air


Who made me

Says the raindrop –



Who threw the

Moon – why doesn’t it

Fall again


A seagull

Takes off over waves –

And is lost


A stone is

Tumbling through the air

Towards earth


I dive in

The water – and my

Body flies


The sun has

Turned again in its

Great circle


A million

Stars – going to their

Own homes


I saw faces

Today of people –

I saw them


God wants to

See face to face – a

Good idea


A face speaks –

Eyes mouth expression

And words


Under that

Sea we can see what

Lives there – eyes


The mind is

Hidden until the

Mouth speaks


Two people

Speak – both are shadow

And the sun


The waves on

Sand and the sand on

The waves


The surge of

Water and stillness

Of the sand


The ocean’s

Exhaustion as it

Climbs the beach


It retreats

To the place where it



The ocean

In time – sand in



The sand once

Made of ocean is



A wave breaks –

The sand does not move

But is pulled


The sea and

The sand are in a

Stately dance


Each wave – each

Sunrise upon the



Each retreat

Into night – the pull

Of the end


The earth still

Endures – fragments

Of old stars


The blackness

Is full and the night

A deep sea


And a wave

Breaks again upon

The horizon


The wheeling

Seasons – a slower

Day and night


The climbing

Sun and sinking – a

Year long day


What island

Have we come to in

Earth’s journey


Winter is

Now spring when we cross

This water


From a high

Mountain we can see

Summer fields


Behind me

I turn – a bird has

Left the tree


A tree where

The pomegranates

Hang open



Of autumn is there

On the branch


The air is

Full of scents of

Many times


The tree speaks

Of the other times

It once saw


How many

Days have sunk into

Our eyes


The surf still

Can be heard as it

Always is


The stars are

There and the moon is

Sometimes too


And the sun

Returns and the bird

In the tree


I am and will be

The stone has shifted in this

World – another door


Through which the stars and

Moon and surf and bird and tree

And all things pour



The Great Eye



Eyes are holy

They reveal a person

And alert us to what is beyond revealing

So much of the world comes to us through our eyes

The world pours in

Our eyes place us in it

We look and we are there in life

They are our ship carrying us into the ocean

I look out the window at the mountains

It is night

A light is on in the room

I need to come close to the window to see outside

Otherwise the reflection of the room on the window is all I can see

As I come nearer I see my eyes looking at the mountains

And my eyes are the most mysterious

What ship takes me into that ocean

I know what I am thinking

But my eyes seem to be someone else

A person other people know

And do not know

A person I know

And do not know

A person they reveal

And are unable to reveal



Great eye of

Sky sometimes clouded

With tears


Great eye that

Looks on the wide earth

Each day


Sky blue and

Beautiful wisest

Of all eyes


A thousand

Moods can be read in

Your gaze


You sparkle

This morning I can’t

Keep back tears


The pupil

Of your eye is the

Brightest gold


Your eye is

So beautiful – what

Of the rest


Sometimes I

Seem to see into

Your mind


Are they your

Thoughts – the ten thousand



What do you

Witness each day on

The earth


No wonder

Your great eye often

Fills with tears


Darkness and

Storms cross with glances

Of lightening


And sometimes

A withering gaze

Of pure fire


But most of

All tenderness day

After day


The softness

Of blue infinitely



The eye is

A window we see

The heart



The sea is another kind of eye

So deep and so dark

It doesn’t give away much

Accept a knowing that ancient things have been seen

And danger and uncertainty are as real as its waves

And infinite time is set in its gaze




Lovers look into each other’s eyes

What does it mean

To look into the eyes

Are they like clear water

Where we can see the fishes swimming and coral

Are they like clear water

That we could dive in and be surrounded with another element

If l look into your eyes and you into mine

Do we loose ourselves in each other

Until seeing is no longer the issue

But the surface of clear water can reflect other things

Sometimes in stillness we see sky and the procession of clouds

And what the eye reflects is even more beautiful than the depths to be seen

Or it is like a diver looking up through the water to the sky




Tonight as we look west

The great depth of the sky is full

Of the drama of cloud

An armada of ships in full sail

And we watch in wonder

As the great eye closes in sleep






Little yellow flower on the top of a high weed

Facing a grey sky

Are you trying to be the sun

You even have white petals like clouds



Yellow is in the sky on a winter afternoon

Gold is on the earth

On the fields and deep in trees

And in my mirror as I drive east from the sun