Your face is now half covered by the sun

that shines on you through our uncovered window.

The autumn leaves outside already blend

into the scene, their colours match the one

the light has painted on your face. The sun,

so distant in reality, is here

with us – the particles of dust appear

like tiny moons lit up, just like the one

they each are microcosms of. Your face

is as an icon here, its light is but

an image of a deeper truth. Another’s

face has crossed our countenance, it stays,

forever marking us. The door is shut –

it shines within, the grace that made us brothers.


for Ahmed

On Your Eightieth


Afternoon arrives

Before we know it

Catching us by surprise


Did we ever think

Each moment was




Highlights time

Joy and

Kindness are



Many things given

No time



Perhaps in its coming

Quiet and

Unnoticed afternoon’s


Wonderfully fills