Hay Plains

Yellow light falling and remaining

Today and yesterday

What is

Eternity incarnate

Light in bloom


In midst of uncertainty

Horizon to horizon

One moment

What was and will be

Sun behind

Black birds spiralling

Circles travelling

Into light

Acres of grain

What is becomes what was

A life

Perfect imperfection

A hidden centre


Entering and leaving rain

A rainbow circled by cloud


Answer me

Answer me


Before it

Comes to be the

Day is

Encountered by


Greeted by birds




In the still of the day they

journey beyond


Leaving the earth for




Of what world are they


Pelicans in


Repose by the


Tilting their beaks towards water


At a lake in the desert

At a lake in the desert

Brought there by youthful adventure

Coming in spring in bright cloudless

Days we

Entered a

Foreign world


Growing up in the city where to

Have silence was rare the

Intense stillness

Jolted us


Keeping a promise to rise early we

Left our campsite and

Made our way to a

Narrow peninsula of sand in the

Open water

Present all around us were birds whose songs

Quenched the silence leaving a

Residue of

Serenity that remains to

This day